Corporate culture
Corporate culture
Corporate culture

Enterprises, like people, have their own unique personality, style and character, because corporate culture is human culture, the main body of corporate culture is human, each enterprise has its own culture. An enterprise without characteristic culture is like a person without individuality. People will not pay attention to him and remember him. Therefore, an enterprise without culture is absolutely uncompetitive. Corporate culture is the sum of all the spiritual ideas and ideas of the enterprise team.

Yinda Concept

Core concepts:

If there is innovation, there will be future.

Employment philosophy:

Virtue is the root, ability is the root, mediocrity is the bottom, ability is the top.

Business philosophy:

Satisfying Customer Needs and Achieving Win-win Development

Yinda Purpose:

Shaping First-class Staff, Creating First-class Products and Building First-class Enterprises

Management policy:

Product quality is the salary guarantee for all Yinda employees

Yinda Spirit

Yinda Spirit:

Honesty, trustworthiness and commitment

Yinda Vision:

Let enterprises become the stage to realize their dreams

Yinda Mission:

Achieving Customers, Employees and Enterprises

Style of work:

Make sure you complete the task without any excuse.

Yinda creed

1. Enterprises are our common home, and prosperity depends on the joint efforts of all of us.

2. Do the right thing, do the right thing, and get results in everything.

3. Attitude decides everything. Details decide success or failure.

4. Achieving the extreme of simple work is the best way to do it.

5. Be conscientious, quick and stick to your promises

6. Make progress every day and accumulate constantly, from quantitative change to qualitative change.

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