Liqiu: Summer-proof in the daytime, cold-proof in the morning and evening, can eat more acid and sweet food

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After a hot summer weather, after the beginning of autumn, many "bitter summer" and people with poor appetite in summer gradually improve their appetite. Most people have the habit of sticking autumn fat in autumn. Therefore, some elderly people begin to stick autumn fat actively or passively.

However, from the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, it is too early to stick autumn fat in Liqiu, which is not the best time, because although autumn has begun, it is still a dog's day, the weather is still very hot, people's gastrointestinal function is weak and has not been regulated. If you eat too much meat and other high-protein food, it will increase the burden of the intestine and stomach and affect the gastrointestinal function. So eat meat properly, wait until the weather really cool down, then add more meat.

With the fall of temperature, a series of physiological changes will occur after the human body is stimulated by cold. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the following aspects of recuperation.

Living and recuperation

Preventing summer in the daytime and cold in the morning and evening

Autumn is the beginning of autumn, after which there are more than ten days of dog days. Although the day is hot, sooner or later people have begun to feel cool. At this time, people should pay attention to daytime heat prevention, morning and evening cold prevention, morning and evening cold prevention is particularly important. Because the hot day will make people think that this is still hot summer, and at this time, cold and hot alternation, frequent drying, autumn and rain, morning and evening temperature difference becomes larger, if clothes are not added in time, the mat is too cold, still eat too much cold food, air conditioning, fan, it is very vulnerable to cold.

In addition, we should pay attention to keeping the lower limbs and feet warm, so as to avoid the cold from the foot, leading to abdominal organs dysfunction of Qi and blood, causing various physical discomforts, suffering from or aggravating stomach diseases.

In addition, in terms of work and rest, it is necessary to "lie down early, rise early, and flourish with chickens", so that the human body can adapt to the changes of the nature, so as to be in line with the way of autumn health preservation.

self mental care

Make your heart calm and relaxed

Autumn is the beginning of autumn, and the metabolism of the human body enters into the state of Yang ebb and flow like nature. At this time, spiritual nurturing should avoid grief and sadness. Even when it comes to grief, it should take the initiative to resolve it, so as to achieve inner tranquility and ease of mind.

Sports recuperation

Increase gradually to avoid excessive sweating

After autumn, the weather begins to cool and comfortable. At this time, we can choose jogging, walking, mountain climbing, badminton and other sports, and gradually increase the amount of exercise, but we should avoid excessive sweating.

Many frequently-occurring diseases in autumn are related to the cooling of the early autumn weather. At this time, asthma and allergic rhinitis are most likely to recur. People with weak allergic diseases are sensitive to temperature changes and have weak adaptability. They are easily induced by upper respiratory tract infections. Therefore, people with history of this disease should pay attention to adding and reducing clothes according to the cold and warm weather, strengthening physical exercise, and paying special attention to the supplement of their own yang. 。 When the cold autumn and winter come, only when their own Yang Qi is sufficient can they not be attacked by cold evil, which is the so-called "good Qi exists, evil can not be done".

Diet rehabilitation

Food that is rich in acid and sweetness

The ancients believed that "in autumn, it is better to harvest than to disperse", "in autumn, it is better not to eat spicy food" and "eat less spicy food" to conform to the changes of nature. At the same time, the autumn wet and hot alternating steaming, diet should be to invigorate the spleen and dispel dampness, Yiwei Shengjin method. Can eat more sour, sweet food, accompanied by bitter food, such as carrots, tomatoes, winter melon, lotus root, beans, corn, grapes, yellow pear, longan, peach, pineapple, Hami melon, etc., at the same time can eat more sesame, glutinous rice, japonica rice, honey, loquat, dairy and other soft food, in order to nourish the stomach.

In addition, in autumn, Yin Qi is strong, Yang Qi is weak, the immunity of intestine and stomach decreases, and pathogenic factors are easy to take advantage of deficiency. For patients with gastric diseases such as original gastric ulcer, special attention should be paid to abdominal warmth. Diet should be fixed quantitatively and regularly, less cold drinks and melons and fruits, and no stimulating food that is overheated, too hard, too hot and difficult to digest should be eaten.

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